Can someone tell me how to flush the toilet please?

Out of all the things I imagined I’d encounter upon arrival to Japan flushing the toilet didn’t even make the list. After a 14 hour flight and a couple hours spent in customs, I finally had a chance to relieve myself from the 4 meals and 3 cups of water from the plane.  I get to the bathroom and whalah, A BIDET! I think to myself, ok what the heck is this. I saw the hole but what is all this other stuff? I was hesitant to test any of these buttons because I was  afraid I may end up like those people in the movies where the toilet turns on them. I thought to myself, ok all I need to do is know how to flush. I located the button labeled  flushing sound, surely that was the one! All the while thinking, man Japan is pretty darn cool to have a flush button! Boy, was I in for a little surprise.  I finished and now it was time to use the handy dandy flush button. I pressed the button only to hear a flushing sound BUT the water was not going down in the toilet. I stood there confused. I examined the other two buttons. One button was a picture of water spraying and the other button was a butt image. I thought surely those aren’t it.   I was there for what felt like 10 minutes.  I thought to myself, hmmm… maybe I should just leave it?? Naw, that’s gross because then I may have to deal with the awkward moment when someone comes in right after me. Second option, scream for help. Nope, don’t want to be THAT GIRL and plus typical bathroom conversation is never about how to flush the toilet.  Third option, figure it out myself and run the risk of missing the bus to orientation. Welp, I’m sure you all know the option I chose,  number three!! Luckily, I looked where most flush handles are on toilets in America and there it it was… a beautiful shiney handle waiting on me to push it down.

Later after arriving at the hotel, I decided to explore those other buttons. Both buttons ( the booty button and the water spray)  are used to wash you bottom 🙂 Once you press it, it just shoots water on your bottom so that you can have a clean and fresh behind. I’m not sure how effective it is but, it is an interesting sensation  haha. Oh, this toilet also warms your behind ( cool right) and you can control the water pressure for when you bidet your behind. This first bathroom experience definitely changed my whole bathroom experience ( haha).  Now when I walk in the restroom, I try to guess what toilet I’ll get next. Maybe it’ll be this…. O_o


Are you ready? — New Attitude

It is coming up on about two weeks before I leave and I still feel like I have so much to do. Wal-Mart bags occupy the walls of my room and my Japanese is equivalent to a 1 month old baby. Despite this craziness, I am excited to embark on a journey to a country so complex that reading a book on its rich culture doesn’t fully serve its purpose. In the beginning, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know anything about Japanese culture. I thought, what the heck was I thinking, I don’t even know Japanese and I sure as heck don’t enjoy watching anime. As I struggled with my mixed emotions, I realized that the best experience is travelling to a country without expectations. Leaving to Japan without expectations will be my best bet. It allows me to appreciate things as they come and just live in the moment. People that know me are probably thinking to themselves, wow this is not the Leah I know. Normally, I’m a planner but, I realized there is only so much I can do to prepare. I just need to go and figure things out once I get there! I can’t wait to learn so much. I will be back next time to talk about my first day/night in Japan.