Oatmeal ( Let’s Enjoy This Together Part 2)



As much as I’d like to get all creative on yall and give a poetic explanation of why this post is titled “oatmeal”, I gotta be honest. I just named it this because this has been my go-to meal for the past month. Yes call it lazy or whatever, BUT it’s pretty easy to cook and it’s just way too cold in my apartment to be slaving over the stove. It’s pretty healthy too. Most of the time, I just have it for breakfast. When I’m super tired, I eat it for dinner. The weather has dropped alot here in my city. It’s about 40-50 degrees. I think this is the normal temperature in North Carolina around this time. I might be slightly colder but I remember experiencing chilly falls in NC. However, the buildings are what makes 40 degrees here feel like 20 degrees. THEY AREN’T INSULATED.  Because of this, my apartment feels colder than outside (yikes!).  I never imagined I’d turn on the heater during the fall. It’s insane. As soon as I walk in my house, I blast both of my heaters and jump underneath the covers.  I’m nervous about winter. I’m afraid I might not have enough warm attire–seeing that I’ve already started wearing my winter sweaters.

Anyways, to add on to my awesome week ( last week). My friend, Akina, and I performed at a fighting event in Kazuno. We are starting a hip hop dance class and used this event to advertise for the class. It wasn’t what I expected– the event that is. It was in a secluded area and there were a lot of younger people. When I say younger people, I mean people in their late 20s and early 30s. It’s very rare to see young folks in Kazuno. I find myself having potlucks with women who are my mother’s age or older ( Unbelievable– never thought I’d see the day).  Back to the event, so, the event was intense. I can officially say that violence is just not my thing.  Watching it turns my stomach. After watching about 3 intense fights, it was finally our turn. I didn’t think I’d get butterflies before I performed, BUT I did. I was quite nervous. It still amazes me that after 10 years of dancing, I still get that tinggling feeling every time before a performance. I took a few breaths and took the stage. Well not stage, an uneven mat.  I think for only a month of practicing twice a week, an uneven stage, and my friend’s first time ever hip hop dancing, we did a pretty decent job. I hadn’t choreographed/performed for a year so I felt a little rusty around the edges.

Too bad the video won’t upload

Akina waiting to perform

Akina waiting to perform

We received alot of compliments about our dance. Of course, you all know me, I’m critical. The perfectionist in me wanted to refuse the compliments because I just know my old dance teachers would tear this performance up. But, it was just for fun and we did only practice for about a month. — just had to keep reminding myself that haha.  By the way, that jump suit was so tight around the thighs. Bought it at a store in Japan, I’m officially not fit to wear clothes from any store in Japan haha.

Later that week, I attended one for my school’s festival. I felt like a proud parent–though I did absolutely nothing to help with their performances. It was cool to see my students outside of the classroom setting. They performed a series of plays and sang a song ( this song has been stuck in my head ever since).  Being at the festival brought back many memories from my childhood. When I was younger, we ( my sisters and I ) participated in several plays and performances throughout the year.  Remembering how I felt as a kid after my performance, I could imagine the pride my students had showing off their skills to their parents. It was a different feeling being on the receiving end of the event.  I tried to imagine how my parents must have felt seeing their daughters performing their little hearts out. Because we were some awesome girls, I just know they left each performance gleaming with pride (haha).  My students are so talented. Sometimes, I wish I could speak Japanese to learn more about their interest or talk to them about what kids do back home. They are very curious children and so fun to be around ( well at this one school haha). I enjoy being surrounded by so much talent and bright minds.

As much as I don’t want to say this, I definitely feel like a celebrity in this town. I seriously walk most places and someone says my name or references my upcoming dance class. I’m shocked when some people tell me what they know about me haha. On the weekends–when I am in chill mood and sometimes bummy attire ( depends on if I’m making a quick run)– I run into my students. They gasp and then say my name– that’s the moment I really want to get out of dodge. A woman who I’ve never met or seen told me she knew about my dance class. She told me everything (the date, location, and time). I soon found out she wrote the whole dance schedule down in her agenda. I didn’t even know the word was out! Caught me by surprise BUT I was happy to know that people knew about it. Especially after leaving a discouraging conversation about my cultural dance festival idea.

Overall, I’ve had an amazing two weeks. I’m scheduled to teach a Christmas lesson in December ( Christmas in  America) at the community center and teach a dance at the end. I’m so excited for what lies ahead. I’m so grateful for God’s blessing on my life. Til next time.


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