So how do you stay warm? Glad you asked :D

Thawing my feet

Thawing my feet

Ha, I don’t!

My definition of ” staying warm” is the ability to walk around in every part of my apartment without seeing my breath. In other words, CENTRAL HEATING.  (Yes that’s a spoiled request BUT I like warmth)  This is only true for ONE room in my apartment. The room I never leave until my stomach growls for food or I need to shower. Oh  Keeping this post short, I’m just going to list the ways I attempt to “stay warm”

Panel heater set to high

Electric Heater

(both options above made my bill sky-rocket so now I only turn on the heat if the cold is super unbearable)

Drink hot tea/water every 3 to 4 hrs ( I don’t do this everyday)


Warm schools

Five blankets

Running across the cold kitchen to step into the steaming shower room

Running the sink water  for 2 minutes before I start to wash dishes

Layer, layer layer

Long johns for pajamas/long fleece dress

Turn on electric heater in kitchen to warm kitchen before I cook. It usually doesn’t help much

Place my hands over the steam that comes out of the electric water heater

Kick off my shoes at the front door ( once I get back from work) and rush to the my room

Thaw my feet in front of the heater

Pray not to wake up shivering once I turn off the electric heater

Blow hot air into my hands before flipping the food on the stove

Make quick and easy meals (ie oatmeal, fruit, eggs,salad) to avoid staying in the kitchen for too long

Always wearing socks on my feet

Creating a small cave with my blankets when I head to bed (pretty cover my whole body including my head so my face isn’t cold)

Well there you have it! It’s been quite an experience staying warm here. I don’t wish this lifestyle on anyone from the south who isn’t used to cold weather. I’d choose my hot and muggy environments over this cold climate any day!

Gimme Gimme summer 😀



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