Back bone



The chief support of a system or organization; the mainstay.




So Morgan, you said you want more, well here you go!

I decided to dedicate this post to my friends, family, and boyfriend who’ve supported me and provided me with so much encouragement while in Japan. As I have told a few of you, this experience has been the most challenging experience for me. I’ve lived in other countries before and each one came with its own challenges. However, during those trips, I never once thought about completely giving up (packing up to head home). Well, that wasn’t the case for Japan. Within the first few months, I was ready to leave. I sent emails home, skyped, cried, and did everything you  can imagine an unhappy person does (minus things that were detrimental to my health). In the moments, there where people who  I wanted to immediately call out to/vent/text but I didn’t have that luxury anymore. This is when I realized how much I took for granted my strong support system back home. This is when I noticed just how much I relied on them to keep me sane, motivated, healthy, and most importantly, happy. I cried so many times because I couldn’t phone mommy and daddy out of the blue or I couldn’t randomly show up at my friends’ dorm rooms just for a chat. But, thank God for technology (iMessage especially)!

Despite the distance, they’ve managed to still show me love and support through encouraging emails, random packages filled with letters and goodies, scriptures, random text, and skype. Although I know it’s just them being them, these random thoughtful things always came at the right time and served as the little voice that says ” just keeps swimming, you’re almost there!” Sometimes, they come right at the end of my crying session/mopping session/horrible week. But, that simple, “hello how are you doing?” gives me life. It gives me that extra kick (I’m imagining a boot kicking my tush when I say this haha)

I don’t really like to be mushy over the internet but I felt this was one way to show all of them my appreciation. I don’t think there’s anything I could give that can perfectly convey my gratitude, love, and appreciation for these important people in my life, but I truly am grateful. God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed these awesome people in my life. Thank you all for always being my backbone even when I failed to acknowledge that in the past. Thank  you!


Over and out,

Moe, how’d I do? haha


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